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All of our items are made with top quality fabrics and sewn with professional machines to ensure durability and comfort. What makes ML1 different? Not only do we use high quality textiles, but our elastic is serged into place and all of our hems are coverstitched which helps our items pass the test of time - even through families like ours with three sons! When you buy from ML1 you can be sure your items can be passed down and enjoyed for years to come!

I can't say enough about ML1 & Mel.. she puts her heart and sou; into every order .. my kids will forever be ML1 kiddos!

Leah, Pennsylvania

When you shop ML1, you get more than just an article of clothing. You get a shop owner that will put so much love and thought into each packaged piece. She knows what you like and uses that to make your pieces even more magical! Mel is a household name for us. We love who she is and what she does! ❤

Sarah, Pennsylvania

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